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Supervisor of online orders tasks

By Melissa Berduo

Many stores are changing their tactics on the way customers shop as a result of the pandemic. Many have added a feature where online ordering is possible.

BJ’s Wholesale’s Club is an American membership-only warehouse club where the majority of items sold are in bulk. Most clubs have a gas station, liquor store and a tire center. The store is adding a new feature: online ordering.

Online ordering works by allowing customers to choose their items on the app or website adding it to the online shopping cart and paying. It allows for customers to choose a time to pick it up, a location and if they want to pick it up in store or by curbside.

Brandee Hook, supervisor of the online ordering for BJ’s Wholesale Club in Millsboro, Delaware, first started as a cashier when Covid-19 first hit.

Before Covid-19, Hook was a personal trainer, but with the pandemic impacting the workfield she switched to being a part-time cashier. Then the availability for the position of supervisor of online orders freed up and she decided to give it a go.

“I kind of liked the idea of being in the online order instead of standing at a cash register all day long. When they offered it, I tried and went up and interviewed for it and they accepted me,” Hook said.

Hook’s hours vary from her working seven to three or 10 to six. In the summer, since there are more workers, she usually works 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., she said. Her daily tasks include supervising the online order ambassadors who do the online shopping, helping customers, assist with curbsides, and getting down some of the merchandise that aren’t on the floor.

“I have to interact with customers, you know ,answer their questions, if they call and have their questions about online ordering,” Hook said.

The job comes with its own set of issues, including locating orders that aren't immediately available on the floor, or even located in the store at all, but Hook said her biggest difficulty is dealing with an upset customer.

“Having to deal with an upset customer is probably the most difficult for me as I don’t like to have people upset or in conflict,” Hook said.

The most common problems Hook faces are glitches in the system and inventory issues,which leads to picking an item short in an order.

“The system itself, if it has a glitch, you know, we have to work around that but it is, the app that they updated, is a lot better than it was before,” Hook said.

When solving a problem, Hook believes that keeping a positive attitude will help the customer be comfortable and decrease their upsetness of the situation.

“I think I have a kind of an even-keeled personality that you know can kind of keep control in the moment,” Hook said.

When leading a team, her best advice is to stay positive and keep an open mind, as everyone working together is different. Also, listening to others and allowing them to express themselves is helpful.

“I love my team, I know that. I wish every department at BJ’s can have a team like mine. Um, we all work together well and we get along,” Hook said.

Above, BJ’s Wholesale Club in Millsboro, Delaware. Below, Online Order Ambassador for BJ’s loading customers groceries into their car. Photo by BJ’s Wholesale Club.

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