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Going Live with Delaware Tech’s Livestream Team

By Julianna Ferrara

Livestream Team is a club at Delaware Technical Community College run through the Communications Department.

Communications Department Educational Lab Specialist and Club Advisor Olivia Tennefoss said the Livestream Team provides students with experience in production, script writing, broadcasting, and graphic design.

Advisors joining Tennefoss are Communications Department Chair Rob Rector and instructor Jessica Dolnack.

Team members are Ashlie McFadden, Nathan Carney, Andrew Blazek, Jacob Cannon, Joshua Fidderman, Abigail Gordon, Jeramiah Hannah, Rachel Justice Angela Mitschke and Micah Doyle.

Tennefoss said the team is looking to recruit new members. It is open to all students within the college, regardless of their knowledge or expertise.

The club meets weekly at noon to discuss various aspects of filming, directing, editing and writing for live broadcasts.

“Last week we did some impromptu interviews with each other… so they got to practice interviewing, being interviewed and being in front of the camera,” Tennefoss said.

“This past meeting, we got to edit so we were showing them how to work simple editing software, until we’re able to go live."

The club started with the 2018 MultiMedia showcase, an event held annually by the communications department. Dolnack expressed the startup of the club was influenced by her and Rector's passion for student learning.

“We really wanted to start a livestream so me and Rob just started it," Dolnack said. "That's all it was, just us getting it going.”

Dolnack said the two felt students needed something to educate themselves on the subject of live streaming without the stress of a points system as it is becoming such a big part of this generation's demographic.

The club is an outlet for students to not only gain knowledge on these subjects but a fun and creative way for students to workshop, work in teams, create and equip them with necessary skills that will serve them throughout their career in the communications department.

“We wanted students to have additional opportunities for hands-on experience that weren't classroom related and do it in a more engaging, fun manner so they didn't have points assigned to it," Rector said. "They could do it on their own and have more flexibility, they could look at the different roles that were required."

The Livestream Team is advertised as a fun, flexible, and educational club that advocates student learning. It is heavily prompted by engaging students without the conventional classroom rules and regulations.

The club encourages its members to educate themselves on all the aspects of Mass communications.

For more information, contact Olivia Tennefoss, Rob Rector or Jessica Dolnack.

Livestream team members practicing being interviewed. Photo by O. Tennefoss

Olivia Tennefoss

Jessica Dolnack

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