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Delaware Tech hosts Fitness Fridays at Owens campus

By Jared Watson

Delaware Technical Community College hosted its weekly Fitness Fridays event at the Owens campus on Feb. 21 in hopes of bringing students and staff together to get up and get active.

Fitness Fridays began three years ago when Vice President and Campus Director, Bobbi Barends, wanted to focus on what she calls “The Big Three”: student and employee success, service, and wellness.

It was suggested to her by a fellow director that the campus should add Fitness Fridays to the wellness category, where every Friday a group of students and staff go for a walk around campus, something Barends said brings people together.

“Different employees from different areas across campus come, and then they get to know each other on a more intimate level rather than just an email to each other,” said Barends.

Barends said student participation has been very quiet during this weekly event, but she assures that all Delaware Tech students, staff, and faculty are welcomed to get up and get active.

“If we can grow more student involvement, it would help students get to know those individuals too,” said Barends.

Karianne Sparks, tutoring and writing center manager, said she has participated in Fitness Fridays since day one, and the event gives her something to look forward to every week.

“You get to meet up with other people and have a little social time, while also getting exercise,” said Sparks.

Fred Walls, a programming instructor at Delaware Tech, said he is disappointed whenever he misses Fitness Fridays.

“It’s just nice to go out and be able to walk with co-workers, and it gives you some good exercise,” said Walls.

With students living on a college budget, it can be hard to live a healthy lifestyle, but Barends encourages students to stay active and do things like drinking lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and taking advantage of the college’s gym and Wellness Center to stay fit.

“We all, students and campus directors, spend a lot of time in front of computers or on our devices,” said Barends. “Really making an effort to get up and get moving is the best thing to do.”

The Fitness Fridays group meets at the Jason Technology Center reception desk to walk inside the building during the winter. During the warmer weather months, they meet at the flagpole and walk outside.

A group of Delaware Technical Community College faculty and staff gathers around the Jason Technology Center lobby at the Owns campus in Georgetown to participate in Fitness Fridays. Photo by J. Watson)

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