Delaware Tech Study Abroad Fair at Terry Campus

With the goal of giving students a chance to gain practical experience, travel abroad, and expand their horizons, the Study Abroad Fair was held at Delaware Technical Community College, Terry Campus on Oct. 24.

The fair had multiple booths set up inside the lobby, showcasing nine different locations that students can go to each with their own specific studies. Some of the courses require the student to be in a certain major such as the Dominican Republic for nursing students or the Disney Creativity Workshops for a Visual Communications major.

Taryn Tangpricha, International Education Director, talked about scholarships available to students from $500 to $1,500 each to help reduce the cost of going on the trip

Here is a list and brief description of each course and what they will be doing:

  • The Dominican Republic an 8-day trip where they partnered up with the Foundation for Peace, a non-profit organization in Santo Domingo where students will engage with the local community to provide clinical care to the Dominican citizens and Haitian refugees. They also spend a day to visit an orphanage for children with severe disabilities while having the students help in caring and feeding them.

  • Ireland, a 9-day trip where students will explore one of the world’s most storied settings and deliver speeches based on Ireland’s rich history and culture. The students will explore places such as Dublin, Belfast, and Galway. This course is actually available to all majors and can be used to replace an english class.

  • Costa Rica, a 9-day trip which offers students hands-on opportunities to learn about environmental conservation and cross-cultural awareness through field experiences such as tagging native animals for research purposes, making coffee and sugar naturally at Costa Rican plantations, nature walks, and water excursions. This is another course available to all majors with a focus being on Environmental Sciences.

  • Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon this 7-day trip gives students the chance to study precalculus in the southwestern United States. Students will be shown real life examples of trigonometry, angles, arc length, and area with a four-part tour including stops along Fremont St and The Strip. This course is available to all as a substitute course for precalculus.

  • England, a 9-day trip immerses students through a cultural experience abroad as told by the most notable children’s book authors. The students will go to London and Oxford and explore England's rich culture, history, and legacy of storytellers such as C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, J.K Rowling, and others. While this course does not have a major requirement it will require the student to read multiple childrens stories and create their own by the end of the trip.

  • Italy, a 9-day trip where students learn the value of market research in today’s global economy and gain an overview of how products and services are developed. The students will travel to the city of Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside and visit multiple companies representing various italian industries to learn about how global forces and trade agreements impact marketing mix. This course is a marketing course available for any student with a required Marketing class.

  • Switzerland,a 15-day trip that offers students a unique opportunity to experience one of the most sustainable countries in the world. The students will take a 3-day tour on an electric powered bus that is powered by renewable energy, experience first-hand large and small scale hydroelectric power plants, biomass power plants, wind turbines, various solar technologies, and more. This course is for the Renewable Energy major.

  • Disney’s Creative Workshop,a 5-day trip where students are prepared with the workplace skills necessary for professional job placement. Topics include self-assessment techniques, time management tools, and professional workplace behavior. The students will go to three separate workshops around Disney world starting with Techniques of Teamwork Workshop at Epcot, Culture of Excellence Workshop at Magic Kingdom, and Creativity- A Leader’s Role Workshop at Epcot. This course is restricted to the Visual Communications major.

  • Arizona, an 8-day trip for students to experience a wide variety of sustainability applications in an array of natural and urban environments. The travel will first focus on Phoenix where they will explore an off the grid property complete with an organic farm and energy efficient building. Then the students will move to the Frank Lloyd Wright property Taliesin West. they will also visit the Grand Canyon and learn about the sustainability initiatives in the Grand Canyon park system.

The International Education major created a short video introducing studying abroad and some student experiences after traveling. If you want to apply please look at the International Education page for more information or contact your campus International Education Coordinator.

Some of the display’s around the Study Abroad Fair. Photo by C. Carney.