Delaware Tech celebrates anniversary of Harry Potter

Delaware Technical Community College Owens Campus recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series on Nov. 11 in the campus bookstore with free snacks, trivia, and a book giveaway.

The event was hosted by bookstore team leaders, Alicia Osorio and Carissa Gomez, who also created homemade snacks celebrating the book franchise. They offered chocolate covered pretzels “wands,” “golden snitch” cake pops, and butterbeer.

Gomez said she looked forward to talking to and connecting with the students.

“It’s a great chance for us to interact with the students and give them a snack to help them through the day,” said Gomez.

Osorio hopes that students will want to purchase the book to read for themselves.

“I hope it gives students a break from class and studies and gives them a little bit of fun and maybe get interested in the books,” Osorio said.

Many students showed up to enjoy the festivities, including Carson Williamson, a Communications student, who said he was happy to sample some of the things he about in the books.

“I used to read the books a lot when I was younger,” Williamson said, “so it’s cool to see it actually out in the real world and people enjoying it.”

The event happened across many campuses to help spur young adults into reading at campuses nationwide.

Students line up to get a cake pop and butterbeer. Photo by J. Ruark.