Returned to Learn pushing students to success

Helping students manage time properly between school and daily life was the topic of the Returned to Learn group at its monthly meeting held at the Delaware Technical Community College, Jack F. Owens Campus on Oct. 9.

The Returned To Learn group was established in order to help post-traditional students who choose to go to college later in life.

Karianne Sparks, manager of the campus Tutoring and Writing Center and Nicole Truitt, an English instructor, introduced themselves to the attendees at the beginning of the meeting.

Sparks explained the importance of planning wisely.

“If you do not schedule it, it's probably not going to get done,” said Sparks.

Sparks then spoke about the required study hours for students being twice the hours spent in class.

During the meeting both Sparks and Truitt urged any student struggling with a class to use the tutoring, writing, and math centers as they are free to use for all students. And to make use of the reference librarians available in the library to all students.

Multiple programs were shown to help students schedule and keep track of important events such as Google Calendar, Google Keep, Trello, and

The college also created an informational video that gives a few tips for post-traditional students and is even help students that come directly from high school.

Karianne Sparks at the Return to Learn meeting. Photo by C. Carney.