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Using everything from poetry to reporting, students found the power of words in several projects. Classes in Creative Writing and Digital Newsroom are featured. 


REPORTING for 'the Wire'

Each semester, students contribute news articles for the student-led site 'The Wire.' Below is a sampling of some highlights of students' ability to report the news and tell the stories of others. 

DIGital Storytelling

Students work independently and collaboratively to craft and hone their abilities to tell stories from a journalistic perspective.  They use both text and audio to highlight the stories of those around them and introduce them to an audience. 

Digital Newsroom

Digital Newsroom

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For this assignment, students wrote five very short stories (about 3 sentences long, called nanofictions) and were then tasked with putting them in an artist's "book". The short stories could be connected by character or place or anything, but they did not have to be, and the goal of the artist's book was to showcase the stories in a unique and tangible way.